Photographers see promise in buildings that most of us miss. They use dramatic angles or dazzling light to provide vitality, strength, and life to a still shot of a motionless structure. The world’s top architectural photographers can capture not only a building’s form but also its atmosphere, its very spirit when they are at their best. They want to capture photographs that show off an architect’s work. From BIG and Zaha Hadid to Kengo Kuma and Jeanne Gang, each of the following photography studios is a world leader in their industry, capturing projects by major architecture firms. Each of these firms got a significant award as a Winner or Finalist in the Architectural Photography category of the inaugural A+Firm Awards, the first AEC program developed specifically to recognize and reward innovative firms.

Read on to learn about some of the world’s top architectural photography studios, each of which is inspiring architects, clients and the wider public to view the built environment through a new lens:

A Man Holding a Camera Taking a Picture of a Glass Building
Top Architectural Photography Studios in the World in 2024


Julien Lanoo

The photography of Julien Lanoo is a chronicle of the built environment. He has a comprehensive awareness of the architectural world’s historical and social layers, as well as the apparent and intangible relationships between nature, light, and materiality.

Lanoo’s photographic career has included architecture, design, social integration, and urban transformations, among other subjects and fields.

His work has been shown at venues such as the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Chicago Architecture Biennial, the Cité de l’architecture in Paris, and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum.

Ema Peter Photography

Ema Peter’s pursuit for the “one image” and the aim to capture that definitive moment, similar to Cartier- Bresson’s, is what sets her apart. It’s about making an image that stands out in a sea of images. Ema Peter’s goal is to create a tale, to entice the viewer to investigate, to pause people in their hectic days with a single snapshot and make them lose themselves in it.

Matthew Millman Photography

Matthew Millman aims to communicate evocative and informative visual stories about architecture, design, and art through rigorous inquiry, rigorous observation, and a passion to craft. Millman’s images are intended to show the architect’s and artist’s deepest desires, as well as to capture the project’s biggest influence on its inhabitants and viewers.

Chongqing QIWEN Advertising Co., LTD

Mr. Zhang Qilin, a photographer and the company’s director of photography, formed Chongqing Qiwen Advertising Co., Ltd.

The organization has been offering professional architectural space photography services for over thirteen years, and adheres to the principle of focusing on art, quality, and details in order to best exhibit the best works of designers.