Welcome to the homepage for Beth Piver Designs. We are a husband and wife team of artists who design and create a wide range of contemporary artwork.

We are best known for our mixed-metal jewelry, which can be found in galleries and craft stores all over the country and overseas. Constructed primarily from silver, copper, brass and bronze, all our jewelry is designed in our studio and assembled by hand using cold-connections. This technique, which uses rivets, nuts and bolts instead of soldering, gives our work an unusual texture and a striking visual aesthetic. Many of our pieces also incorporate spinning or moving parts to accent the jewelry’s whimsical nature.

Like our jewelry, our mixed-media sculpture is constructed from a variety of metals, as well as wood, computer-generated imagery and all kinds of unusual found objects.

Beth’s paintings are full of color and energy, and are typically very abstract. She usually starts by painting her canvases black, and then adds multiple layers of color in a process that can take weeks to complete. Often, she’ll use the back end of a paint brush or a nail to scratch lines and/or images into the wet paint. Beth doesn’t limit her painting to just canvas. Check out the “Art Car” link above!

You can see most of our work by selecting the link to our on-line Gallery. For information about making a purchase, please select the Order link in the upper right-hand corner of the main menu.